Are you ready for a mind-blowing discovery? 

They have found something big. They have found something very big. Huge. Enormous. Unbelievable.

Those dots in the W-letter are not dust particles, they are not stars. They are… galaxies!

And the W-letter itself is called Hercules-Coronae Borealis Great Wall. If you haven’t heard about it yet, it’s okay, as it was discovered just in 2013. Some astronomers still don’t believe that such a huge structure of galaxies, bounded by gravity, can exist.

Why? What is wrong with it?

It is enormous. And when I say enormous, I mean 10 billion light-years. And there is a popular theory that the whole Universe is just 13.8 billion years old.

So, astronomers doubt that a galactic filament of such parameters was able to form during such a “short” period of time.

So what? So we have two possible explanations: either Hercules-Coronae Borealis Great Wall is our mass hallucination, or all our imaginations about the Universe were mistaken!

Are you kidding us now?! We have just gotten used to thinking that Earth is not a plate standing on the backs of three elephants standing on a giant turtle! And it appears that what we thought was true is not so true again?! And again, and again, and again.

By the way Coronae Borealis is mentioned in my books and even plays an outstanding role in the whole story. The point is about the R star of this constellation. It is an unusual variable star. And scientists of the future will find a mind-blowing object orbiting it. And believe me, they will be able to deal with this object!

Stay strong!

Dream big!

Love astronomy!

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