About the author

About the author

My pen name is Alex Romano. As a lifelong lover of science fiction and a passionate writer, I am dedicated to exploring the future through my work. I am Ukrainian. Now, my beloved country suffers from war. The deaths of my compatriots, the destruction of the normal order of life, being a refugee has shaped my perspective on life and inspired me to write stories that highlight the resilience of the human spirit.

My books draw inspiration from the challenges I have faced in life, but rather than becoming dark and scary, they offer a message of hope. You will surely meet unexpected twists, powerful and mysterious antagonists out there, but finally, friendship, true love, and good humor will overcome everything. My stories are filled with thrilling action, complex characters, and thought-provoking themes that will keep you engaged from beginning to end.


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What is special about the futuristic world I called Earth-10000:

  1. Closed and understandable characters and their relationships play the main role.
  2. Futuristic technologies are detailed backgrounds you will observe with great curiosity.
  3. My books are full of coziness and delicious food. I’m from Ukraine, do you remember that? We love cooking and giving food to everyone we see. And then eating together, of course!
  4. A rather unusual feature for the science fiction genre: the world of Earth-10000 is a perfect match for you if you have kids, are planning kids in the future, or are just interested in childhood topics.
  5.  And finally, my  books will be interesting for you if you believe in the power of our minds and think that the evolution of supernatural abilities is waiting for us in the future.

    I will be happy to meet you on my Instagram and discuss futuristic, sci-fi, or other issues with you. Feel free to contact me!


Stay strong!
Dream big!
Enjoy your reading time!

The first book I ever read in my life was an encyclopedia called 'World of Celestial Bodies, Numbers, and Figures.' The second book was 'The World XX Century,' an anthology of short science fiction stories. It was mind-blowing for me. I have remained a mind-blown science fiction lover to this day!

Alex Romano

Quote from „Wild Dreams: Deep In Space And In Your Mind”

Well, Madi, troubles are like narrow doors. And those of your loved ones who will not go through these doors with you will stay there, behind the doorstep. After some time, troubles will end, and you will have a new, unfamiliar life in front of the doorway. However, those who have not squeezed through it with you will no longer be around.

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